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Megapaper: Super Mario World on 16 Spaces

Megapapers are like desktop backgrounds / wallpapers, except instead of being one image they are 16 images. This would work for huge panoramas, or maybe you want your wallpaper to represent the purpose of a screen, or each one could have a… more »

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Learning Lab Final Project: ATTN-SPAN

Part 1: Introduction ATTN-SPAN Intro. Part 2: Prototype and Development Plan The Good News: I created a proof of concept prototype of the ATTN-SPAN platform powered by the Metavid project. The Bad News: Metavid is having a lot of stability… more »

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ATTN-SPAN: Primary Sources for Common Folk

Oh debt limit! Those rascals in United States congress were at it again. At least that’s what I was told by CNN. In reality most of what I know about the whole issue has come from about four source types: blog posts shared by friends, anonymous… more »

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Introducing Truth Goggles

I’m working on a magical button.  This button, when pressed, will tell you (an average person who just wants to know what is happening in this crazy world) what is true and what is false on the web site you are viewing. I have a fair amount of the… more »

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