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Introducing CivOmega: An Effort to Democratize Government Data

You may want to skip this boring post and just check out the site. Over the past 24 hours I worked with an amazing team to start building a Siri for government. Well, Wolfram Alpha is more like it, but you probably have a better sense of what… more »

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A Tor of the Dark Web

Tell me if you’ve been in this situation: you’re chatting about online anonymity with your wife and the other Knight-Mozilla Fellows over a pizza in Florence. A quiet-spoken stranger who had been sitting across the room walks up to your table and… more »

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Learning Lab Final Project: ATTN-SPAN

Part 1: Introduction ATTN-SPAN Intro. Part 2: Prototype and Development Plan The Good News: I created a proof of concept prototype of the ATTN-SPAN platform powered by the Metavid project. The Bad News: Metavid is having a lot of stability… more »

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