Introducing CivOmega: An Effort to Democratize Government Data

You may want to skip this boring post and just check out the site. Over the past 24 hours I worked with an amazing team to start building a Siri for government. Well, Wolfram Alpha is more like it, but you probably have a better sense of what… more »

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Hey Media, I Thought we Stopped Whining About the Crowd in 2006

I woke up this morning to an email on the Center for Civic Media mailing list asking about our thoughts on an article. If you follow that link you will see Alexis Madrigal chastising a small Reddit sub-community for attempting to collaboratively… more »

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Wheel Store

Why Journalism Tools Gather Dust

The planets have finally aligned on one of my early assignments at The Boston Globe. The project is called Quizzler, and it is by no means going to change anything. It’s a quiz system—something the producers ultimately want because it will… more »

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Introducing Opened Captions

I made something awesome last week: Opened Captions. At face value it just looks like a live feed of C-SPAN’s Closed Captions. This alone is actually pretty cool if you think about it, especially if you are a deaf political junkie who sits far… more »

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