• The Glass Infrastructure

    The Glass Infrastructure

    The Glass Infrastructure makes it easy for people to understand what is going on in a building. It is a network of large touch screen displays set up throughout the MIT Media Lab which allow anyone to explore the network of groups, people, and projects at the lab. Thanks to RFID it also knows who is using the screen.

  • If These Walls Could Tweet

    What if your living room had a Twitter feed? If These Walls Could Tweet is a set of sensors that can send messages on Twitter when triggered. Now when the lights go out your room can tell the world how it feels about it.

  • Jack-o-Laser

    If you had access to a laser cutter in October, what is the first thing you would try to do? Obviously you would use it to carve a pumpkin. Nothing more really needs to be said.

  • Wall Paper

    Wall Paper is a horizontal line of monitors (12 feet / 16,000 pixels wide) able to stare longingly at you, track your position, and update the information it presents based on where you are standing. This pretty much makes it the Sting of screens because every move you make, every step you take, it is watching you.