Mourning for Kindergarten

Note: I serve on a school board, but this is a personal post (I am not speaking as a board member or on behalf of the board). Cheltenham School District just released a letter to the community confirming that after months of internal and external discussions, surveys of stakeholders, and feedback from the board, this […]

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Election Day in Cheltenham

Tuesday (November 7th) is election day. Please get out to the polls, we need your energy and involvement; convince someone you know to vote as well! This is a final request as you think about how to cast your ballot. I humbly ask that you vote for the candidates who will best represent you. Specifically: […]

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Moving the WebFWD

Last week was full of new experiences. I got on a Caltrain for the first time, I got off of a Caltrain for the first time, I got stuck on a Caltrain for the first time, and so the list goes on. I also met my WebFWD IV cohort! Web What What? WebFWD is a […]

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Poster masterfully created by Lyla Duey.

OpenNews Applicants: Be Warned

Being a Knight-Mozilla Fellow ruined my life. My fellowship ended three months ago; I still don't have a job, my wife and I haven't spoken in days, and none of my friends take me seriously. There is only one piece of advice that I have for anybody considering applying: ignore all the obvious reasons why […]

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How I got Twitter to count to 24

This short post is about counting to 24. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, tu–oh who am I kidding, of course it sounds interesting! Twitter keeps asking me to give them money so that I can be popular. My brain tells me that this is an opportunity that they offer everyone — some kind […]

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Wheel Store

Why Journalism Tools Gather Dust

This post is about my quest to answer the question “why are we building this from scratch?” It’s about observed realities regarding cross-newsroom collaboration, insights from upper management of The New York Times, and some major hurdles for open source in legacy media organizations. Prepare to explore the deep, dark, and relatively unspoken depths of […]

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