• Jack-o-Laser

    If you had access to a laser cutter in October, what is the first thing you would try to do? Obviously you would use it to carve a pumpkin. Nothing more really needs to be said.

  • QRTcullis

    QRTcullis is a Massively Multiplayer Real Life Online RPG (MMRLOLRPG). We wanted to create a dungeon explorer that had hooks into the real world. Players explore forts by scanning a QR code "portal" with their mobile device. Once the code is scanned the person's character appears at the entrance of a level (which is rendered on that mobile device). Nearby friends and strangers can join in too, wandering around the fort together.

  • Wall Paper

    Wall Paper is a horizontal line of monitors (12 feet / 16,000 pixels wide) able to stare longingly at you, track your position, and update the information it presents based on where you are standing. This pretty much makes it the Sting of screens because every move you make, every step you take, it is watching you.