Look Ma, NPR!

Three weeks ago I went to a happy hour organized by the Neiman Lab, I mentioned my thesis project, Andrew Phelps said “that sounds cool, can I write about it?” and I said “sure why not!” I assumed that the post would get about as much traction as professional blog posts usually get: a few hundred eyeballs and some useful feedback.

After the article was pushed it started getting twitter attention. Soon afterwards NPR, CBC, and The Register contacted me. I ended up with a two-minute piece on Weekend Edition, a longer interview on Day 6, a surprisingly balanced and long piece on TechCrunch, and the official title of Boffin by the crazy Brits. This was unexpected.

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  • joulesm

    good work, son.

    • wakka wakka wakka (for those that don’t know, Julia’s last name is Ma which makes her comment funny)

  • Dan! You’re a boffin! The last boffin I met just won a Macarthur genius grant. You’re headed for great things, sir.